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    I applied my H1 when I was in my home country, but I had my L1 from Company A. I came to US on L1 by August 2007 and I resigned from Company A on Oct 2007. When I resigned my job, Company B started to say Change of Status need to be applied. Right now I'm on Company B on H1. But I don't have any documents (Including Petition, Change of Status etc) to support that I'm on H1. My L1 I-94 expires on 2010.

    Please let me know how long I can stay here and also what are all the H1b documents (Including Change of Status etc) I should get from my new employer?
    To be honest, I will be not paid till I get my first project, So please let me know whether I can try for H1b transfer?

    Need help, Thanks
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    you are out of status...you are neither on H1 nor on L1...it's Illegal..sorry to tell you, but thats the case.

    It's not the employer(can be--he shld let you know) fault.you need to check before you take the step.have you applied for COS? if not, start with no delay.

    you are not even on H1, how can you transfer? still there is no rule-- transferring H1 up on not having the status of H1. in this situation you cant go for transfer.

    also you can wait for other replies too.
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      My employer is saying they have applied for COS but I'm not sure. What are all the documents I should get to verify that?

      Where can I get more information on this?


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        Also what document should my employer return to me, Can I complain DOL abt this??


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          Problem with employer - URGENT HELP ME PLEASE

          Somebody Plz help me It's urgent..............Read the chain please
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            if your COS is approved you shld get an approved H1 petition with new I-94 card but old number in it....
            you can call to 1 800 num of USCIS and can get to know about your status of H1....also ask your employer the approved petition of H1..he shld give it.you can give the reason--going for stamping in Mexico/Canada...

            ---not a legal advice...use at your own chance.