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H4 to H1 Visa stamping ; Can I Stamp in Canada Questions?

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  • H4 to H1 Visa stamping ; Can I Stamp in Canada Questions?

    1.Wife came here on H4 back in 2001 valid until Apr 2006

    2.Applied for H1 from a company and has the approved I-797 valid until 2007.

    3.Applied for Canadian GC and has been approved, sent passport for visa stamping today and will have to enter Canada to get the PR card before May 2005.

    4.Will still have three years to go back to Canada as an option

    5.My H1 good until Apr 2006


    1.I want to finish two jobs in Canada
    a.Enter Canada as part of a process for Canadian GC
    b.Apply for wife’s H1 stamping on passport

    2.Can I get this both done in one trip?

    3.Is it advisable to get the First H1 stamping in your home country or it doesn’t matter if we can get it done in Canada or Mexico ?

    4.Since its her first H1 does she have to go to India and get the passport stamped for the visa if we ever decide to go to India soon?

    5.Can she come back and enter the US using her H4 visa since its still valid until 2006?