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  • DS-156 question

    Hi friends and immihelp ,

    my wife went for her H4 Visa on May 17th to Chennai Consulate. On that day, they took all her documents and told her that they will call her again after reviewing the case. At the same time they wrote as 'APPLICATION RECIEVIED MAY 17TH (221G) in her passport. When I send them an email as followup, they replied saying that her case is under review.

    But after that I switched to another company as a full time employee and applied for transfer of my H1 and got approved on Jun 16th. Then Immediately I sent an email to consulate about change of company and pending H4 Visa at Chennai Consulate. They replied me saying that, my wife need to take an appointment and appear in person for Visa again. So she is going to appear on 29th Sep again.

    Now my question is , in DS-156 what I need to answer for the question ' Have You ever been refused a Visa ? '

    Actually we didn't get any letter from Consulate regarding the refussal of Visa . Just they didn't send any thing. Whenever I send them an email, they used to respond as ' case is under review ' .

    But when I send them an email about change of my company, they replied to appear again. And in the same mail they told that because we r not processing our old application, we need to take another appointment and appear again. So can I consider that my previous application was refused and answer the question as 'YES' or I need answer as 'NO'

    If any body faced this kind of situation, pleae suggest gurus.