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low salary can create problem in h1 transfer?

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  • low salary can create problem in h1 transfer?

    I would truely appreciate, if you will respond back me as soon as possible.

    1) I am on h1 in US since last year.

    2) My employer told me to pay me more and now he is paying half the salary he suppossed to pay saying the comapny's bad economical condition.

    3) I have got another sponser and he is willing to transfer my h1. They are going to pay much higher salary.

    4) I have all the pay stubs so far so I don't have any problem in that regards but the salary mentioned is very low (1800/- per month)

    So can it create problem to me for renewal or transfer from INS?

    I think It should create problem to my employer and not me in such case. If it can create problem for me than what options do i have?

    Please give me your thoughts on my concern.

    Thanks in advance