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H1 Extension with vacation recapture ?!!

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  • H1 Extension with vacation recapture ?!!


    I am working on H1B visa in US. I entered US first time on July 12th 1999. So my 6 years on H1B end on July 12, 2005. But when I got my H1 extension recently, I found that my H1 has been extended till October 25, 2005. It is probably due to vacation recapture since I have taken a total of 15 weeks vacation out of US since I first came to US.
    I have not applied for my green card yet.
    Now regarding extension of H1 beyond 6 years, the rule that such an extension is possible if 365 days or more have passed since the filing of a labor certification application.
    So can I get an H1 extension beyond 6 years if I file my labor certification application before Oct 25, 2004 or was it supposed to have been filed before July 12, 2004 ?

    Thanks for your help.

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    H1 Extension with vacation recapture ?!!

    I think it is before Oct 25, 2004. Better check with your attorney/company.:rolleyes