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  • Visa appointment

    I am completely new to this H1, H4 process. Pls clarify my doubt below

    Myself and my wife plan to appear for visa appointment together. When I pay the visa fee in HDFC bank, will I get two serials numbers or just one. If I get two numbers, which number should I use for booking the appointment and how do I take care of my wife's appearance together.

    Pls clarify

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    kid's visa appointment

    my kid is born in usa..he has us passport

    i did not pay any visa fee for him in hdfc

    i do not have to fill any forms in vfs site also..

    can u pls correct my above understanding.


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      reply to kasuk

      hdfc fees are for per passport..
      u need to pay for ur passport as well as ur dependant passport.
      u will get 2 receipts..
      u can start with ur receipt number in the vfs site for the booking of an appointment..as soon as u finish ur ds 16 and 157..they give option for filling up dependants/group details..again ds 156 and 157 for your spouse...there they ask for the second recipt no.

      ur us citizen son doesnt need a visa..so no hdfc..vfs or appointmants...
      hope i answered u...


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        This post helped me!!!