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H1B and B1 to H1 conversion for Self Employed Professional

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  • H1B and B1 to H1 conversion for Self Employed Professional

    Here's a case for your valuable comments and handling.

    I did 3 years Computer Engineering Diploma after my 12 years school education in India.

    After completing this, I started my computer consulting company in India which was a Pvt. Ltd. one and I was one of a director. This company ran for 3 years.

    Thereafter i started another company as a proprietorship concern wherein I did software development projects for 5 years.

    After this i changed the name of the company to another proprietorship concern wherein the nature of business is same. The company is now a year old and is being run at present.

    This is how I have been 'self-employed' for last 9 years.

    Last year I got B1 Visa for 10 years on basis of a sponsorship letter from a client in US. The visa is valid and I have recently travelled US for a month on this visa for business promotion.

    Now a software company in US wants to hire me and file H1B for me.

    1. How do I show my work experience? Since I am the owner of the companies I have worked, who will write a work experience letter for me? Whats the right way to do this? Can you suggest a format please?

    2. How safe is to get B1 converted to H1? What possible questions might come up during the interview at the consulate looking at my valid B1 status and my wish to get into H1?