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IS my Visa useless?

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  • IS my Visa useless?

    Hi, My friend got married a month back to an H1B holder from the US. She applied for H4 visa last week and was lucky enough to get it. She was to leave in 2 weeks time but suddenly she got news that her husband just got his Green CArd. Can she still enter the US on the H$ visa or will it pose problems for her at the POE now that her husband is no longer on H1B but has a Green card. What should she do?

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    She can not use the H4. The H4 is dependent on an H1, and the H1 is no longer valid.
    Since she was married before her husband got the GC, she can go for the so-called "follow-to-join" process to get a GC herself. Her husband should talk with his lawyer.