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Urgent Help needed: 2 H1 visas

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  • immihelp
    If you got H1 for Univ A for full time, and are working only part time, you should get another H1 for Univ A.

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    Guest started a topic Urgent Help needed: 2 H1 visas

    Urgent Help needed: 2 H1 visas

    1st of all: Great forum and site: keep up the good work. Desi forums zindabaad.
    I am in a bit of a problem here. I have an H1 from a Univ A. I already applied for a GC from that Univ A in EB1 and EB2 category. I am joining another university B and am getting another H visa from that University. My present employer wants to keep me employed now as a part time employee (from Univ A) while I work as full time at Univ B. I have heard about the concurrent H visa and my lawyer says it is leagal to have 2 H visas with 2 Universities. My question is do I need to apply for another H visa from my present Univ A (with whom I already have a H visa)? Or I can continue from full-time to part-time on the same visa for Univ A? Please put all your valuable input as my employer/boss has no problem giving me the employment but the administrative beaurocrats are making ugly faces and giving me hard time transfering from full time to part time at Univ A.
    Thanks all.