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additional checks for H1b

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  • additional checks for H1b

    My hubby went for personal interview and was asked for furthur finger printing.

    Has anyone faced this before. Whats this finger printing all about. How long does this verification take. What are the reasons for this verification being asked?

    kindly reply.

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    Long wait ahead

    Three conditions may apply

    - Visa condor - typical wait 3-4 months

    - Visa mantis - typical wait 3-4 months

    if both i.e. working in sensitive area and maybe ties to middle eastern country - 1 year easy

    - Criminal Background check - 1 week to 6 months

    Good Luck


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      Re: Long wait ahead

      How do we know which categoty this belongs to. at the time they took the finger print and said 45 days.

      Is there a way the status can be checked. or we just have to wait without a clue!!


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        Re: Long wait ahead

        Ask the consulate, they will tell you. They told me.

        There is no way to track, find status, expedite or any of that. I have been staring at the phone for 1 month now. I was told 2-3 days.

        So get prepared for a rough time ahead

        best of luck


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          Re: Long wait ahead

          2-3 Days. My hubby was given the letter which said 45 days.

          They had actually given some numbers to call, customer care I guess, can we call that number.?

          ok. Let me know when u get it. Just to have some idea. My hubby went to chennai consulate. what abt you?


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            Long waiting

            have you got your visa? or any news from Consulate?


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              Long Wait Ahead

              Hi, guys did both of you get visa or still waiting?


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                Re: Long Wait Ahead

                Hey guys,

                My hubby got the letter from the consultate on maybe the 35th day or so. He send the passport for stamping now. Its been a week, so waiting that this week his visa might come.

                Thanks for the replies friends!


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                  The wait is getting long, though we got the finger print confirmation in just abt 35 days, its been abt 25 days (forth week) that his passport has been sent for stamping.

                  Any idea on how long stamping is taking these days, are there any guys who hv got their visa in more than 3 weeks.


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                    mi wf tk 3wks.



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                      additional checks for H1b

                      One of my friends is waiting since more than three month?