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Urgent - h1b - 7th yr extension ?

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  • Urgent - h1b - 7th yr extension ?

    I came to USA in june end '98 and my 6 yrs ended on june 2004. I have been out of USA couple of times.
    During my 6 yrs h1b term, i got a new h1b and moved to new employer. I got my new h1b till april 2005 and i have my visa also stamped till that time and my I94 is also till that time. I have my labor cleared and will be applying for 140.

    I havent filed for 7th yr extension till now thinking that my new H1B is valid and my visa is valid too.

    Do i need to file for the 7th yr ext? or should i file it in jan 2005.

    Please advice.

    Thanks in advance.