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H4 visa and name change

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  • H4 visa and name change

    Hi ,

    I had no last name before marriage in any documents. So I got H4 in 2001 with my last name as FNU (Family Name Unknown). After coming to USA I changed my last name as my husband's last name and I got new passport with new last name (my husband's one). Indian Chicago Consulate cancelled all the pages in my old passport but the page which had H4-visa and issued new passport ( I have both passports with me).

    Currently I am in India and coming to USA in July 2004. My current H4 visa stamping on the old passport is valid till Sep' 2004. I have new passport with last name (has no H4 visa), but I have all the documents to prove that my last name has been changed.

    Anybody with similar experience? Would this cause any problem at US port of entry?


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    H1 visa name change

    I have also changed my name and got a new passport with no visa stamp. I have the old passport with me which has h1 visa stamp. So my position is same same as yours. Please also let me know if you face any problem at the entry of US port



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      please keep both passports with you

      You should have no problem as long as the visa is valid with an older name