This is Harshavardhan, a Masters Student in the United States and currently on a valid F-1 visa. My situation is a complicated one and I thought I could seek help on this board.

I've recently applied for OPT as advised by our foreign student advisor, as my I-20 was expiring on May 15, 2004. The starting date of OPT is July 8, 2004. I was done with my course work and was scheduled to defend my thesis in June. She told it was fine to defend even after applying for an OPT. But later on I came to know that I received an 'F' grade in one of my courses and as a result of that my GPA dropped below 3.0. I cannot defend my thesis in that situation, and I may be dismissed academically in the near future, if i dont defend my thesis. I've not received any information regarding my immigration status as of today. If in case I'm dismissed, will I be made out of status, inspite of applying for OPT.

How does that effect my chances of getting an H-1. I'm planning to apply for H-1 later this week, because I got a decent offer from a consulting company and they are willing to sponsor for my H-1 visa. What are my chances and how does my current academic stading affect my application for H-1. All the help would be grealty appreciated. Thank you for your time.


Harshavardhan Reddy