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H1 Transfer from University to Company

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  • H1 Transfer from University to Company


    I am a post doc in a university and getting my H-1 B sponsored by the University.. my EAD is expiring by July end ...I have gotten an offer from a company but haven't explained them the situation.. as far as I know.. the new H-1s for companies are starting by October and the filing started by April.. due to the cap it might have had filled by now...is this H-1 transfer similar to that from one company to other company... please advise me the best thing to do to join the company..wud be grateful for your time.. cheers !!

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    H1s for universities don't fall under the cap, H1s for companies do. So, a transfer would fall under the cap. That means the earliest you can start for the company would be Oct. 1.