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Returning to USA after visiting CANADA, URGENT

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  • Returning to USA after visiting CANADA, URGENT

    Hi folks,

    I got the Canadian Visitor's VISA stamped on my passport 3 days back.
    My H1B1 Visa(stamped on my passport) for USA has expired, but I DO HAVE the H1 EXTENSION. That means I have a legal status in USA (I-94 was extended through H1 extension).

    My question is If I visit CANADA, Can I enter USA again by showing my extended H1B(I-94) OR I have to have a VISA STAMPED on my passport? I am planning to enter Canada by Land from Detroit.

    Information would be greatly appreciated as I need to travel to Canada soon. Thanks in advance.

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    This is NOT visitor visa question.
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      agreed. It is a H visa question and in the right forum...

      to the person you posted this question; you might try posting the same in [email protected]#%$.com in the discussion forum...and address your question to Murali...he's the administratior and is much more polite...


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        No You cannot comeback to US from Canada ..since your US visa has been expired in Passport...


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          visa stamping

          Whenever you leave the country (USA) you must make sure you have a valid visa stamped on your passport. Even if you have the visa extension papers, you must get it stamped on your passport. And if you leave the country (USA), you cannot reenter without a stamped visa on your passport. If you are going to canada, why dont you get your H1 visa stamped? If you try to enter USA without a stamped visa, you will not be allowed to and also you will have to fly to India from canada, get your visa stamped and then fly back into USA. Check out the following link i am sending you. I have been through this process, so i know. The link will assist you with the stamping procedure.


          Good luck.


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            I am surprised at the ignorance

            You can enter US with an expired US visa as long as your I-94 is valid. Three conditions though:

            - You have not visited US consulate and your visa got rejected. Then Consulate will put "application recvd/rejected" on your passport and you would not be allowed back in US

            - Stay in canada is less than 30 days

            -You are not from 7 terror nations

            Disc - I am no lawyer


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              can you be less arrogant and a little humble? this forum is to help people with answers...not show off how much you know!!!! i bet you don't know all the answers...so be nice.


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                I apologize if I came across as arrogant. That was not my intention. You are right I don't know all the answers, If I did I wouldn't be stuck in Canada on a visa issue for a month now.

                But I hate to see wrong answers posted. If you are not sure just don't post anything instead of posting faulty information