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H4 Visa Interview

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  • H4 Visa Interview

    Hi Everyone,
    I want to know what questions (normal and typical) should my spouse be prepared for while going for her H4 visa interview. I have the list of documents required. i am worried about how some questions should be answered.

    Any feedback from you people will be very helpful.


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    If you are recently married, they may ask your spouse that, How do you know him and from how long you know him? and be prepared to tell that Family friends and know from 1/2 years...

    Otherwise...normal questions...nothing to worry..

    Make sure that you are sending all the documents that require.

    Good Luck


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      re: h4 visa interview


      I was asked the following questions:

      1. When did you get married?
      2. Was it an arranged marriage? Who arranged it?
      3. Did you know your husband before you married him?
      4. Where does he work? how long has he been there?
      5. did he go to school in the US?
      6. Where does he stay in teh US?
      7. Then asked to show some photographs of the wedding (the pheras is what he specifically asked to see).

      That's it! Make sure your wife knows all about your work (company name, location, your address, your academic background etc).

      Its very cool. nothing to worry about. No grilling as in the case of tourist visa or any other visa!

      good luck!