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Can I travel India if my h4 visa is expired ?

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  • ajayjv
    Guest replied
    Don't stay beyond your I-94 Expiry

    You must leave before your I-94 gets Expired,

    You didn't mention whether you applied I-539 for I-94 extension with your spouse H1-B or not. If not you must apply and get the I-94 before the expire date. In any case if you didnot receive your I-94, It is better to leave country and get it stamped in india using ur spouse h1 papers..

    It is tough for h4 to get it stamped in future if you stay beyond the expire date of I-94.

    H4 can get the visa stamped in USA only valid I-94. H4 can not get stamped in USA with spouse H1b.

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  • veegee123
    started a topic Can I travel India if my h4 visa is expired ?

    Can I travel India if my h4 visa is expired ?


    My visa(H4) is expiring on july. I am planning to travel India by August. We already applied(around Jan) for extension. But I heard its going to take 6-8 months. I also heard then you get your visa stamped here, which is agian going to take months.

    So, if anyone knows the detailed info on this will be helpful..

    Thanks in advance...