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H4 to F1 Conversion

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  • H4 to F1 Conversion

    Dear All
    Thanks for your kind reply to my previous question. I need your help one more time.
    My wife is planning for higher studies in US. She is in H4 Visa. She has got admission in one of the Business School, but the issue here is that University offers full-time MBA only for F-1 Visa holders.
    I have 2 questions as regard to this

    1. What is the proceduer to convert H4 into F1?
    Any previous links are also fine.
    2. I heard that,During my Green Card process, If she is in F1 visa, then she will not be eligible to be a part of my green card processing. Is this true?

    Please clarify. Your answer would help us to take decisions quickly and would help us to prevent missing this university opportunity.
    If my questions are not clear, please do let me know.

    Many Thanks