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H4 ==> L1 and B1 is already there on passport

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  • H4 ==> L1 and B1 is already there on passport


    I would like to know whether I can get L1 after H4.
    The situation is like this.

    1) I have B1 visa stamped on my passport.

    2) I am going to get H4. (there won't any issue in getting H4 and I have B1 already right?)

    3) Now can I get L1 as my current company is filing L1 and I will be going on leave of absence and I am working for this company for the last 3 years. They are willing to file but I am not sure whether after getting H4 can i go for L1. Do I have to come back to get my L1 stamping in India (as soon as I get L1). In case of H1 visa I know that I can work there and when i want to re-enter US i have to do the stamping. But since L1 is inter company transfer, I am not sure what it will be like.

    4) Shall i do H1 filing too along with L1 going on? I do have an option to file H1 for FY2008 with other company. I will be in US in march and I have some company(different one) to do my H1 too. Can i do both the processing simultaneously? In fifteen days (mid april) if i come to know that i have got H1, i will stop my L1(my L1 is going to take some more time). Can i do like that?

    I would appreciate if someone please throw some light on these issues and inform me which path I should take.

    Thank you.