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H1 Revalidation and H4 Stamping

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  • H1 Revalidation and H4 Stamping

    Hi All,
    i have a situation. my H1 and I94 Expired and got a new one from a differrent Employer from my Prev Visa. my family is in India on H4 from prev Employer. i want to send it for stamping via Mail to St. Louis and is it possible at the same time my Family can get H4 Stamped in India.(Hyd Drop Box Facility) or should i have to wait for my Visa to get stamped and then apply for H4.
    Pls advice

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    you can do this too

    you can send your new I-797 to her and ask her to get stamped ..
    YOu know what .. if i am you i will do differently
    Ask her to come to usa on her stamped visa .. and you both apply here for revalidation ..l this works better ..


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      Re: You should ensure this...

      You should make sure that your wife has got a certified copies of your valid Visa and I-94 card .

      For more info visit travel.state.gov/hlop.html

      Good Luck !