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H4 stamping

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  • H4 stamping

    Hi all
    I work for bearingpoint I need help from all my Great Indian friends,
    I am planning my wedding in Dec and I want to bring my wife with me, How many days will she take to get H4 stamped in India Chennai Counslate and what are the requried docs I have to submit to support her H4...
    Kindly give me the information needfull .. I will be very greatfull to all our friends...
    Sorry to take your time
    Thanks and Regards

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    H4 Stamping in Chennai

    Check out all your W-2s during your stay in US. If you were on bench for extensive period and your W-2 yearly salary is less than salary mentioned in LCA then be assured that Chennai consulate will create lots of issues for you. I am not sure if you need to get your H1 stamped as well. If you do then best option is to get it stamped thru St. Louis while u r in US. It might take 3-4 months . Therefore postpone marriage till March 2004.
    If that is not doable then , when you go to India , get ur H-1B stamped first thru drop box and then send your wife alone for interview. Send all the docs which are good. If luckily ur previous year's W-2 has no issue then send that as well. If officer questions abt previous W-2 then she should unhesitatntly but politely say that she has brought whole set of documents as provided by husband. After that its all luck.

    You need to schedule an interview first. Make sure you visit chennai consulate web site and do that. If you are in status all the time then donot worry. If you read this forum you will get a complete list of documents required. Provide all the documents including yahoo maps to ur office and office photos etc.


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      Re: H4 Stamping in Chennai


      I am planning to get married in nov' 2003 and my wife has an appointment with chennai consulate on nov'21.I came to know that the consulate is very much particular abt the w2 forms of previous years.My w2 for 2002 shows $ 35000 as I have worked only for 6 months(But I had a valid visa and I 94 for the period I had no pay stubs for).Previous yr's w2 amounts were also not exactly the same as I had in the LCA.Is this going to be a problem, if so is there any options I have ? Ur comments on this will be greatly appreciated.



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        I am planning to get married by Nov end 2003. But I also have a problem with my 2002 W-2.
        With my first H-1 I was in USA from May 2001 to May 2002. During that period I was on bench from mid Jan 2002 to May 2002 . Then I went back to India and came back on a new H-1 in Oct 2002. Then I have been working since then and I have all the last 12 months paystubs.
        So if you see my 2002 W-2 it will show very less annual income.

        So will it be a problem for my wife to get the H-4.


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          W2 and H4 stamping

          Hi Please post your experience once your wife goes for H4 stamp. Any more information ond solution to deal with the difference in W2 and LCA will be appreciated please post your experience.Thank you very much


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            Did your wife got H4 ? Details.. Details...


            I hope she got H4 with not much hessle.please post your experience..Thx


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              Hi:Prajeep and nkjaykay
              Plesae post your experinces about H4 stampings of your spouse.Hope you ahd success in getting the visa stamp.Your input will help many of us .Thank you