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Change of Status from h4 to F1

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  • Change of Status from h4 to F1

    Hi all,

    This is my first post here. My wife has applied for a change in status from h4 to f1 since she got admitted into a college for a graduate degree. I recently got my h1 extended along with her h4 for the second 3 year term. We had applied for the status change before that. Anyway, we both now have extended status (on the h1 & h4 respectively) . Have not received any communication on the f1 status change yet though it has been about 4 months.

    Now, we might need to travel to India as early as January first week (2004) and if we do, we will need to get visa stamps to return. Can we use the h4 status and get a h4 visa stamped for her even though there is an application pending for status change to f1? What if the status changes after we leave and things get all bungled up and there are visa issues and entry issues?

    any input is greatly appreciated!