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New H1B without paystub

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  • New H1B without paystub

    I am a valid H1 visa hoder from company 'A'. I worked for this company for a year. Recenly I joined company 'B' in India and they want to send me to US on B1 or L1 visa.

    Company 'B' cannot send me on H1 due to company policies. They may relax the rules if I convince them. The consultants sent on L1 or B1 visas are paid per day expenditure (no paycheck).

    My question is - if I go in H1 can I stay without receiving paychecks? (and I am happy with that). The rate of rejections for B1 / L1 are high and moreover my H1 is valid until 2007.


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    Re: illegal practice

    Uhmm. Working in the US on L1 without paycheck is illegal. They would have to pay at least minimum wage.
    And as for working in the US with B1, that is a very gray area, and can only be done for short periods of time.
    As for using an H1, that requires to be paid at least 95% of the prevailing wage in the metropolitan region where the job is located. While the L1 does not have this requirement, the company could face charges of unfair labor practices if the pay is way below the usual salary.

    Quite frankly, I would stay far away from a company that engages in such shady practices as this one.
    As I said, one, it is illegal, second, such illegal practices help turn the American public against immigration, which hurt every immigrant.