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H1 Stamping at Mumbai Consulate

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  • H1 Stamping at Mumbai Consulate

    Hi guys,

    I need some info and advice. I am going to Mumbai in October and I don't have enough time to get my H1 revalidated in St. Louis. So I am planning to get my H1 stamped in Mumbai. My earlier H1 stamp(which I had got it done at St. Louis) expired on May 15th this year. But I got another H1 valid from May 1st. As my earlier stamp is not valid anymore I will have to get my H1 Stamped in Mumbai to come back to US.
    1. So do I have to go through the interview process or I can use the drop-box?
    2. If the interview is the only way, can I get the dates of first week of October?
    3. What are the documents needed? I saw someone mentioning photos of the office and directions to office(from where??). Is it needed.
    4. I work at a client's office. So do I tell this to the officer or not?
    5. My wife was on H4 and she got H1 after coming here. We haven't been to India after that. So we need to get her H1 stamped in this India visit. Can we two get the appointment on same day? What documents does she need? She has been working on H1 for last 3+ years.

    I hope someone can answer these questions. Any experiences at Mumbai would also be welcome in this thread, though I see lot of people asking questions before going to India but forget to update this forum after getting the H1 stamped.

    Thanks guys.

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    Hello everyone!

    I have heard that these days, even if you have your H1 approved, they can reject the stamping at Mumbai consulate. Could anyone please advise on how this can be done from within the US...St.Louis maybe?...
    Any information in this matter will be greatly appreciated!



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      H1B stamp

      Hello myjune1.
      Please let me know of you get the H1B stamp in Mumbai without any trouble and if you could use the drop-box. I am in the same situation. I am going in Jan for the restamp. I cannot use St. Loius as you cannot do it more than 60 days before it expires and my expires in Jan end. I am going to India in Dec and it takes abt 6-8 weeks to get the stamped passport back. SO timing is the problem

      Myquery79: FInd more information about revalidating H1B visa on