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help needed....please....... urget

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  • help needed....please....... urget


    i am a physician from india.... came on a
    J1 research visa and got a waiver for the 212 e..

    my employer is ready to sponsor a H1.... i am doing a fellowship right now.....
    i was doing research and got a waiver on the basis of research and no objection from my country...now i want to start doing clinical and research both...i have a license to practice...
    my question is .....
    can i straight away apply for a h1 with a clinical job description and get it primium processed ....and when i need a stamp go out of the country to canada to get it....will the change of my job from research to clinical hamper the chances of getting the visa and stamp


    get a H1 with research job discription and than once i get it i go out and get H1 stamped and than change my job description to clinical....is that a better idea or it does not make a difference.....

    thanks for the comments