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Proof of H1-B Extension pending

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  • Proof of H1-B Extension pending


    My current H1-B visa and I-94 is valid till Nov-2003. My company has applied for H1-B extension and the application is pending. Due to the company "policy", the employee doesn't get a copy of the H1-B extn application or Receipt from INS.

    If I'm travelling in US and if someone (say, from INS) asks me for my visa/I-94 after Nov-2003 (i.e. after visa/I-94 gets over), what kind of documentary proof should I show to prove that I'm a legal resident in US? (especially considering that I don't have copy of H1-B extn receipt)?

    Has someone else experienced/heard of such situation. And if yes, could u pls help me out here. What kind of documents do people carry in such situation ?

    Thanks a lot in advance,


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    Re:Proof of H1-B Extension pending


    For domestic air travelling ( inside USA ), you just need a valid ID ( driver's license) as a proof. It's always recommended to have atleast the H1B extension application receipt number from INS.

    Normally, many Consulting Agencies ( Indian agencies especially ) won't reveal the receipt number.. just to eliminate, their candidate/consultant switching to some other firm ,while they process the extension.

    If we are unlukcy, we might be asked to show the current status with valid documents. You might want to keep your Company attorney/lawer phone numbers ready, if you can't show the valid docs.

    Take care,