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I-94 question

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  • I-94 question

    I have recently changed my employer and received a new I-797 and a new I-94 with the expiration date of July 2006.

    My previous I-94 (the one that I received with the last employer's I-797) has the expiration date of April 2004. The visa stamp in my passport also shows the same (April 2004) expiration date. And it will not be possible for me to send my passport for the new H1 visa stamping until Feb 2004 because of one of the rule of not stamping until the last two months before expiration.

    I am planning to travel outside USA in near future and based on one of the answer I read for somebody else's question, I am suppose to submit all I-94 forms when I leave USA.
    But when I return, would I get the new I-94 with the expiration date of July 2006 or April 2004?
    Would they consider the VISA stamp in my passport or the date on my new I-797 at the time of putting the date on the new I-94?

    Appreciate your help.