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H1 stamping

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  • H1 stamping

    I have transferred my H1 visa to the company I am working right now. In the new I94 they extended my persiod of stay in USA until jan 2005. But my passport has my previous company's stamping and the stamping is valid upto august 2003. Do I need to get stamped in my passport right now for the extension or can I wait for some time. The reason is my company is not doing good these days and it may lay me off soon. I have heard that staping takes 2 t0 3 months and I am fraid that what will happen if I am laid off in between.

    any suggestions or advive would be greatly appreciated

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    You don't need do as long as you don't want to go out of US. Visa stamp is needed for entry into US. Therefore, you can either get it done by revalidation in US or at US consulate abroad.
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