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H1B Revalidation

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  • H1B Revalidation

    My brother has H1 Visa until Nov 10th 2003. He went to India on vacation/training 2 months ago and his new employer got his H1 approved and sent the documents to him in India. He had sent his new H1 approval for visa revalidation (through new employer - until Jan 2005) using drop box faciliy in chennai. He got the whole package back saying that the application is "under administrative process. Please wait for us to contact you".
    Nothing was written on the passport except a small hand written code DB(G)091803. All the other documents were sent back. Now he want's to come here using his old visa on October 9th (as his old visa is valid until Nov 10th 2003) and use his new H1 approval for I-94 at POE.
    Can you please let me know, if he can do that while his application is under process at Chennai consulate.
    Really appreciate your response on this matter.