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H1B extension

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  • H1B extension


    I will be going for H1B extension next month. I want to know is there any chance my H1B extension can get rejected, assuming all the required documents are submitted.


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    H1 extension

    Hey all the best , once you get your extension can you tell me how long it took you to get it or what did your lawyer say will it take to get the extension


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      H1B extension

      Be sure the fees for H-1 is reduced from $1130 to $130 with effect from Oct. 1st 2003.
      The approved labor application shold be the latest one (Less than 1 month old is ok)
      The dates for asking H-1 extension should not exceed the 6 years period (cound the period from the day you laded in this country to 6 years).
      If you are residing/doing job outside the location of your company then prepare to answer the query from INS if it comes, why are you working outside your compnay location.
      Along with the resume send one document stating all the projects you have done along with the clinets addresses, contact #s, project managers names etc right from the beginning of your H-1 stay in USA to current.


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        Be sure the fees for H-1 is reduced from $1130 to $130 with effect from Oct. 1st 2003.
        Does this mean that my employer only need to pay the $130 filing fee for my H1B extension without the $1000 additional fee?

        Thanks in advance.