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How long is H1 B revalidation taking?

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  • How long is H1 B revalidation taking?

    >: I applied for my H1 B revalidation on April 10th 2003. The travel.state.gov/hlop.html site states that it is taking 10 - 12 weeks for this probess. However, it is 14th week now and still no news...I was suppose to be leaving for a vacation on July 18th...

    Is anyone else the same issue?

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    How long is H1 B revalidation taking?

    We have a case which was filed on March 24th. We have received the passports from them on July 11th. VISAs are not stamped. They advised our candidate to go and get it stamped in India at their counsulate office after attending a personal interview.


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      Since it is more than 3 months, you can expect it anytime. One of my friends got it in 3 months time. It is a first come first serve basis. Since there is no way we can find out the status, keep your fingers crossed.
      You can talk to fedex from which you sent the documents. You can track it if it is on the way.