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H1B trasfer and H4 visa

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  • H1B trasfer and H4 visa

    I'm working in Company A for the more than 4 years with H1B. I got the H1B extension stamping (revalidation) in US on Jan 2003 valid till 2005. I'm making my marriage trip to India on November. So I got H4 appointment in Chennai on November by giving current H1B details.
    Now company B offered a job and I'm in a position of taking the offer immediately from October onwards. Company B told that they will process the H1B trasfer in the premium processing and get the H1B papers within 2 weeks. Also I'll have only one pay stub from my client
    before going for the India trip. My questions are:

    1. Do I need to get the stamping for the H1B trasfer (company B) while coming back from India on November end?

    2. If "No" for question 1, do I need to give the old H1B papers (Company A) or new H1B trasfer (Company B) papers for H4 visa stamping. But I've given the old H1B visa details when I got the H4 appointment.

    3. If "yes" for question 1, do I need to get the stamping before my wife go for H4 visa stamping or we can do at the same time? Since I already took the appoitment for H4 then how can we both can get the stamping together? For H1B trasfer stamping I need to go to Dropbox only. Do you guys have any idea of this situation?

    Please let me know. Thanks