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H-4 person got denied for instate status in MS prog.

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  • H-4 person got denied for instate status in MS prog.

    My wife is on H-4 status and recently she got admission in University of Missouri St Louis (MS Computer Sc.). We applied for instate status (resident) in the school and it got denied. I have been living in this state for last 3 years. My wife joined me 1 year ago. I have been paying hefty taxes to this state. We have everything to support our residency but they are denying it just because we aren't US citizens/green cardholder. I feel this is wrong. I have a lot of friends in California/NY and their wives got instate status there without any problem.
    I would like to ask you guys, did you ever face this kind of problem? I am planning on filing a lawsuit against this university. Is there anyone else who is paying international tuition fee on H-4 ($2100 USD per course)? Basically this university has been doing this for a long time. H-1/H-4 pays a lot of taxes to this state and on top of that, they are asked to pay the kind of fee, university has fixed for international students. They do not want to loose this earning so they always deny instate application for H-4 people. My wife has joined some courses in local community college as well and she got residency over there without any problem.
    Any help would be appreciated. I need your moral support to file a lawsuit against this university. Immihelp – please give me some suggestion.

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    Every university is free to determine itself what their requirements for in-state tuition are.
    Your chances of winning a lawsuit are pretty slim.
    And arguing on an emotional basis ("I feel this is wrong") doesn't help at all. Your feelings, as much as I understand them, are a bad match against the laws that give universities the right to specify their admission rules.
    I think the only thing you can do is to chose a university that does not require out-of-state tuition for H1s or H4s.