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H1B Visa Extension Question

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  • H1B Visa Extension Question

    What are the documents to be sent for H1B Visa Extension, other than I-129 Form, H Classification and I-129W form?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Hi extn time

    Hey ,

    Can anybody tell how long its gonna take for H1 extn approval to come(VSC- in vermont service centre).

    My receipt date is 2nd July 2003.

    Thx in advance


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      H1B Visa Extension Question

      I have a question about my H1B visa extension. My employer wants to apply for my visa extension. Here are my questions:

      1) What are the documents to be submitted along with I-129 form?
      2) Does ETA Form 9035 to be submitted with the application?
      If Yes,
      a) Is it to be an ETA Form 9035 with the new period of visa? (e.g. If I need extension from 12/01/2003 to 10/31/2004, do I need a newly Approved ETA Form 9035 for this period, to submit with the I-129 form?
      b) Could ETA Form 9035 be applied online? How?

      Thank you very much in advance for your help.