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Consulting work being on an H1B

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  • Consulting work being on an H1B

    Hi, hoping someone can help me on this issue...
    I am currently on an H1B very happily working with my current company. A business partner is starting his own firm and wants me to do some additional development work for him, on a consultant basis :hat . What I need to know is:-
    1. Can I work as a consultant for him without any problems with respect to my H1B ?
    Thanks in advance!

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    H1 B Work

    To my knowledge H1 B Visa is approved for a particular employer and not for the kind of work you do. You can not work for a different company with your current Visa Status unless you route them through your current employer.


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      H1b consulting

      Sory, but your H1-b is employer specific--you will need to file a separate H1-b aplication to be able to work for any other employer..you cna have 2 h1-b's running at the same time of course

      Jon capp esq.