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Help ! Help! H1b wants to bring spouse on H4

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  • Help ! Help! H1b wants to bring spouse on H4

    I am working for a well known company for last 3 yrs on H1B visa and my application date of green card (I-485) is last week of January 2002. I have my EAD and Advance Parole. My H1-B is expiring on 29th of July 2003 and I plan to visit India and get married and bring my spouse on H4 in USA by July 23rd 2003. Would the US consulate not give my H4 because my H1 would have few days left when she goes for H4 appication. Would there be any problem if my spouse reveals that my green card is in process. Please help

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    spouse issue

    why don't you just file for an extension for your H-1b for 3 years so as to avoid the problem, then you should have no difficulty, it is also a useful precaution just in case your green card somehow comes unstuck

    as H1b holders are permitted to have dual intent the fact that you have filed for adjustment of status should not be a problem

    jon capp

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