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H1/I-94/Petition is expiring May'08

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  • H1/I-94/Petition is expiring May'08


    My H1/I-94/Petition is expiring on 16 May'08. I need to go in India on Apr 19 and I am returning from there on May 17. I have initiated the petition extension process with my company but it has not been filed yet.

    1. Assuming that I can get it filed by Feb 22, 2008., how long will it take for me to get an extesnion?
    2. Will my travel to India in the timeframe mentioned above affect in anyway?
    3. Can I travel to India with just the receipt of petition extension application in hand? And if I receive the other documents later in India, will it be fine?
    4. Do I need an approved and extended petition when I attend a Visa restamping during my stay in India or just the application of petition extension enough?
    5. Are there any other pointers that I need to take care during this process?

    Kindly help me with these queries. Your answers are highly appreciated.

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    if you do premium processing 15 days or less if no issues.

    you can leave for India and wait for approval papers. You do need approval to get stamp. Be aware of the PIMS process delays, and plan accordingly.


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      Thanks for your reply!!!

      Does it cost $1500 for premium processing?

      And if I do that will I get the petition in hand after 15 days if its approved.