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  • multiple entry visa

    Hi all,

    Was wondering if anyone could let me know the procedure involved to convert my single entry to a multiple entry if I wanna get it done from India. I came to the US on an F1(single entry) visa and have got transferred over to H1B(single entry) visa. Now that I am planning on going to India, I was wondering if there would be anyone who might have done this recently and would be able to help me out in telling me the procedure and the list of documents that I will have to carry with me.


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    As U had said u re on a single entry , how had u came on a single entry for F1. But as u had changed u re selves to H1, then if u want to come back u need to get that stamped in india, and then u will automatically get a multiple entry.
    And abt F1 single entry i couldnt understand that properly.
    any way best of luck