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H4 applic URGENT !!!! HELP!!!

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  • H4 applic URGENT !!!! HELP!!!

    I would be grateful if U could advise me on this issue .
    My husband has a new H1 with start date of 1st Oct 2000. I am in India ,and I had applied for a vistor's visa( before marriage( being sponsored by my maternal uncle ) on 11th June 1999 which I was denied Under Sec214(b) ie not having suff ties to come back and lack of suff funds .
    After my marriage I applied for F2 visa on 14th Sep 1999 but was denied the same under the same sec 214(b)and sec212(a) which states that I cannot apply in person again for 2yrs. I applied again by mail in Dec for F2 but the doc were sent back again( I don't think they were even read)under the sec 214(b)
    Now My ques are that:
    1. Can I apply for H4 again in person with my new H1, since it is a diff Visa category and since H visa I suppose is a dual intent Visa ? Or do I have to wait for the 2yr period.Or apply by mail?
    Please Reply to this I would be very grateful as we are in a desperate sit being seperated since the last 1yr !
    Thanking U in anticipation!

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    Yes, you can apply now as your situation changed a lot from the time you last applied for visa.
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      Re: H4 applic URGENT !!!! HELP!!!


      Did you apply for h4 visa within the 2 year period and if so were you successful in getting one. Your info will be of great help. Thanks