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  • H1 question

    Hi Friends,
    I landed in usa first time in apr,1998. I was out of country for 1 year, before completing my 6 years period of continuous work in usa. If a company start my h1 transfer, do i get another 6 years span of time or not. I appreciate your answers

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    as per my knowledge,
    when you finish your 6 years of h1 period , and you have to go back to your home country , i.e. stay out of 'usa' for 1 year min , and you can get your h1 visa again for 6 more years , if any company is ready to process your h1 papers.

    so you were out of 'USA' for 1 year during the period of h1 (6years)...
    that will count ... its like most of the h1 workers go to their country for 1 or 2 months , so there wont be any discountinuty in h1 b ,
    i think i have provided u enough information,