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221-g with no passport note - successful stamping

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  • 221-g with no passport note - successful stamping

    Hi Friends,

    I would like to share my H1b interview experience with you.
    I applied for H1b in 2007 quota and I attended for H1b interview in Chennai on 21-Sep-07.
    My case was pending under 221 - g and I was asked to submit all my employer side documents. I was also instructed not to drop my passport.
    I submitted all the required documents on Dec-07.
    I received another 221 - 9 document in Feb - 08 to submit my passport.
    Finally the fine day came in my life and my H1b visa stamped in Mar - 08.

    I must say God grace is there. Before I drop all the documents, I went to chilkuru venkateswara Swamy temple.

    So, if you were issued 221 - g dont worry....if all the documents are proper you will be getting your visa stamped.

    I wish you good luck.

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    Same happend for me

    I first attend interview on 20th sep 07 and got 221g. later dropped in Jan..got another 221 g in feb to drop pp and got stamped on 27 feb. so friends dont worry it will surely come...believe in ur self.

    Best of luck...


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      I got 221-g asking to send passport for visa stamping.

      My doubts are

      1) I received a 221(g), written on that with pen "Passport for visa stamping". But it doesn’t have any seal or signature, is it fine?
      2) Along with passport, 221-g, ds-156, ds157, and do I need to send I-797, I-129, LCA?
      3) I should sent original i-797, i-129, LCA? Or I can also send Xerox copies?
      4) In DS-156, "field no 22. When do you intend to arrive in the US?" For this field I should mention exact date or I can give any date.
      5) In DS-156, "field no 26 how long does u intend to stay in the US?" For this should I mention 3 yrs, or left over time (till the petition valid date from now i.e. aprox 2.6 years)?

      Thanks in advance
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        help on 221 g

        Hi Aruna,
        Could you please help me. I have attended visa interview on march 20 and i got 221g, twice i submitted docs and they have sent it back asking me submit correct wage report docs.my consultant has sent wage reports from ADP that had 941 form except for one quarter. Is 940 form required along with 941 ? What exactly is required for unemployment wage report.

        I appreciate your help.