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H4 extension - a Serious problem

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  • H4 extension - a Serious problem

    I am in big trouble.

    I was with company X, both my H1 and H4 was valied till dec 2000.

    attorney applied for H1 extension did not apply for H4 extension, we just forgot about it.

    Now I changed new company and applied for new H1 in july got approved in dec.

    My wife left for india in Nov.

    Now I learned that she is out of status for close to 1 year.

    Please advise me

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    I think she should again re-apply fo H4 at the U.S consulate in India. Though i would suggest u take the advice of an attorney.


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      Hi kms,

      I am also in big serious trouble, my kid entered u.s with i94 valid until october.15.2001. we dint know about filing for 539, though my husband changed to a new job. right now his H1 is again in the transfer process for another job and we have the recpt.no for the latest i129, and getting this approved h1 will take atleast 2.5-3months i.e nov or dec 2002. i dont think my husband can travel to india if required, for the h4 stamping in india cos his h1 i still in transfer process.

      my daughter has crossed the 180 days after 194 expiry. tensed thouroughly......please let me know what have u done to come out of this..