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H4's I-94 validity ?

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  • H4's I-94 validity ?

    Hi immihelp,

    Let me give some background, before I shoot the Question,

    I am on H1 visa valid till Sep. 2001, my wife has H4 visa. Her visa and I-94 was expiring Feb 2000, So we sent her passport along with my valid employment petition Form I-797 (Since I am principle alien and my wife is dependent ) to "US Department of State/Visa", Washington D.C, in Mar. 2000 to revalidate her H4 visa. We did receive her passport with renewed multiple entry H4 visa up to Sep 2001 which is same as mine.

    Now her passport has old I-94 shows validity Feb. 2000 and new H4 visa up to Sep.2001. The Question is, Is she in status ? or Do we have to go outside the country and come back to US, that will make her I-94 valid or current and bring her in status?


    I have read the following info on immihelp under H4 visa topic,

    An H-4 nonimmigrant alien's authorized stay in the United States is contingent on the continued validity of the H-1B principal alien's status. The H-4 nonimmigrant alien continues to remain in valid nonimmigrant status as long as the principal alien remains in a valid nonimmigrant status."

    Please give your expert opinion on this issue( I wouldn't know is this issue at this point), I will appreciate your help,

    Thanks in advance.



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    H4 I-94's validity

    I have the same confusion. Is I-94 need to be extended inspite of having a valid visa stamp recieved through "US Department of state" visa revalidation. I am applying for I485 and I wanted to know.

    Jeeten, If you received any reply to your question, please let me know.



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      Don't worry guys..I-94 is only come into the
      picture when u leave the USA. You/your wife
      will get the new I-94 at the time of arrival in USA.
      To enter in to the USA, you/your wife need a Valid
      Stamp of H1 or H4. ...Valid means date should not be expired.. Nobody won't see your I-94 while u are in USA or even when U leave USA...


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        Did you find any solution?

        I am also in same problem as your's.Please let me know if you found any solution.plz write to [email protected]