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Company wont give I-797 b4 my India trip

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  • Company wont give I-797 b4 my India trip

    I'm getting married in a month's time, and am leaving for India in three weeks. My company won't give me my I-797 (approval notice for H1 visa) for some unknown reason. I need this for my visa stamping in India (as well as for my wife's H4 visa).

    I HAVE to go to India, since the marriage preparations are all done, and we've been waiting for a long time to get married, but what options do I have of getting a valid visa stamped in my passport when I'm in India, as well as getting an H4 visa for my wife, if I don't have the original I-797? I do have a fax copy of the approval notice. Please advise.

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    They *must* give it to you. This is your only proof of status. Contact the lawyer who handled the case and get them to talk to your company. Report the lawyer to your state Bar if they won't help. Your trip aside, you can be arrested and detained indefenitely for not having proper documentation.


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      sue 'em

      for harassment.