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immihelp please help. problem in getting H1 visa at Madras

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  • immihelp please help. problem in getting H1 visa at Madras

    Hello Everyone
    Hope someone can help my friend who is in India now. His case is as follows.

    He was working for a company, X. Sensing trouble ahead he found a job with company y. He was laid off from company X with couple of weeks of severence pay. He applied for the transfer of H1 to the new company Y. There was a 4(FOUR) day gap between the last pay day in company X and his application for the new company Y. His attorney asked for the lay off notice from company X and attached it along with the transfer petition for comapny Y. He received the receipt notice and started working for company Y. After a month, he received the H1 but with the bottom portion in the approval notice (I-94) missing. His attorneys told him that he should get reenter US after getting a visa. He went to Cananda, Vancouver and was rejected stating that only the consulate in India can make a decision. Since then he is in India and has applied for a visa at Madras. It has been almost 2 weeks and he hasn't heard anything from the consulate. He has come to know that those applications which were dropped off at the same date as his have all been processed. Is there anything he can do?. Is there a way he can find out what is going on in his case. If anyone has any suggestions please post them here and will appreciate your help. Thanks