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H4-Visa, New Rules...

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  • H4-Visa, New Rules...

    I think everybody knows about the new rule of H4 APPROVAL alongwith H1 (from INS).
    Now the problem is that I changed my employer last year and when my current employer applied for the visa, they only applied for my H1-visa (not my wife). Now my visa is expiring and I have to re-valiadte the visa(s). Two Questions:

    -If I need to get my wife's H4 approved? Since I got my new H1 when this new rule was not in effect.

    -Who is supposed to pay the fee (for H4 approval from INS)? Because my current employer is saying that they are not legally bound to pay for application for my wife's H4.

    Thank you in advance..
    '[email protected]'

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    what is the new rule for H4 ?