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What is the H1-b processing time?

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  • What is the H1-b processing time?

    My new employer applied transfer of my H1-B on my behalf three months ago. My superior received the notice of receipt dated July 30. Months have passed but he has not received notice of approval from INS. The H1 petition is sent to Texas Service Center. FYI, I have been working for my new employer since the petition is filed. I started to feel worried since it takes longer that it should to process the application. On the notice of receipt, it says it takes 60-90 days to process this kind of cases. 90 days have passed but my new/current employer still has not received any approval or rejection (I hope not) notice from INS.

    Please kindly advise what is the processing time of a transfer H1-B1 at Texas Service Center.

    Anyone has knowledge about my inquiry, please kindly help.

    The delay is going to jeopardize my current employment with new employer since my superior told me the other day that he has not received any approval from INS. I am afraid that he may use this excuse to get rid off me. Please help.

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    I am still waiting eagerly for an answer.

    Is anyone experiencing the similar situation? I have been waiting eagerly for an answer and have been checking back everyday to see whether someone out there who has an answer.

    It seems to me that I am all alone by myself here.


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      I have heard of cases getting transferred in as little as 1 month and as long as 4 months.

      But for your case, have you tried contacting the Texas center about the status of your case? If not do that first.

      In my opinion you should not worry if your previous H-1B has not expired yet.

      Hope this helps.



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        Re: RE:

        Now a days it is taking 30 days to 120 days to process such visa applications. But you can call up the service center on any working day during working hours and talk to a representative directly. You need o have your receipt notice and need to quote your LIN number given on it. Hope this info helps you.


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          Check ur status with ur EAC# given by the INS or call up the INS.