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Docs needed for H1 stamping

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  • Docs needed for H1 stamping

    I have an urgent question regarding visa stamping.

    I came to this country on H4 and then transferred to H1. Now I am going to India and would need to get the H1 stamp. As a first time applicant, what documents would I need ? One of the major problems is that my employer put me on part-time salary and my pay-stubs reflect that. Do the visa officers at the Consulate ask for the pay stubs ? Is there some document I can take from here that would help explain why I was paid less than what was mentioned on the H1 application ?

    Recently someone told me that the first time applicants also need to take the pictures of their office (inside as well as outside), financial statement of the company, W-2 tax forms for all of the company's employees, contact numbers of co-workers of current and previous employer, bank statement for last 6 months etc.... This seems crazy... Is this true ? Do the visa officers really ask for these kind of docs ?

    Thanks for your help in advance.