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Need Information on dropping off the docs at VFS.

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  • Need Information on dropping off the docs at VFS.

    Dear Seniors, I need a help.

    I have got issued a 221g two months back, and I have got the documents from my employer from US now. I need to drop the docs to VFS office at Bangalore.

    Which are the DS-156 and DS-157 do I need to submit ? are they the same as what I had filled up when attending the interview for the first time ? or do I need to fill up again ?

    Do I need to drop the documents being present in person along with wife [for h4], or can I get them dropped off from any of my friends ? I am not in India as of now, so I will have get them dropped from any of my friends?

    They have asked me to drop the docs along with the Passports ; orally she asked me, but they have not ticked for passports in 221 g. So is it okay to drop without passports ? or is it advisable to drop with passports, if that is the case, I will have to wait till I return to India.

    Could you please help me in understanding the above ? I would be happy if you can provide even a small peice of information. You can also reach me at [email protected]

    Thanks in Advance,