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H1 Refusal & then H4 Refusal What to do ????

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  • H1 Refusal & then H4 Refusal What to do ????


    Recently my friend's husband had gone to India as his father was undergoing a heart surgery. Initially when he came to the US he was on H4 but a few months later he got his H1. He thought as he is travelling outside the country he might as well get his Visa stamped.

    The consulate in India asked him for more evidence as they were not satisfied with the H1 documents he had, in his first visit. The attorney who had applied for his H1 to the INS wrote a letter giving details on this person's case. Still the consulate in India was not satisfied & they rejectd to stamp his H1.

    Now this person wanted to come back & join his wife here, but to his shock he was not even granted an H4, he was told that if an H1 gets rejected then for a period of 3 yrs one cannot apply for any other visa. They did not even care as to his wife is here & how will he stay there? Now his wife has also quit her job & is going to India.

    I would request you all if anyone has ever witnessed any such case or can make any suggestions, pls do so.

    I wanted to share this with all of you as this can happen to any one of us & that there has to be a solution for this.

    When the INS here after 3 months of scrutinizing the documents authorizes a person to work then why should counsulate refuse to stamp it ?

    Pls advice...